Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Hand Wreath

Need a last minute Christmas activity? How about this hand wreath?

This is super easy and fun to make! All you need is construction paper, glue, and a scrap piece of ribbon.

First, you will need to trace all the hands that you will be using. For our wreath, I traced Gia's hand and my hand. You only need to trace your hand once - although Gia had so much fun watching me trace her hand, that she wanted both of them done. :) (Aslo, you may want to use a thicker piece of paper to use as a tracer. I used resume paper that I had.)

Once you have your starter hands traced and cut out, go ahead and trace them onto the paper you will be using for your wreath. You don't need to do every piece of paper, because you can stack 3 pieces when cutting out the hands.

Once you have your papers with the traced hands, being to cut. As I said above, it is faster to stack three pieces together, then cut.

Once you have all your cut out hands, shape the bigger hands into a circle...

Get the look you want, and begin to glue!

After you have your circle, take the smaller hands and glue them on top of the big hands.

Let it dry! Once it is dry, cut and clean the inner circle.

The last step is to attach the ribbon. I started by using glue, and put a book on top to weigh it down, but I ended up taping it. I couldn't wait for the glue to dry, so I took two pieces of tape and just tape it down.

And viola! You have your hand wreath! Fun and easy...

**Don't forget to share in our flicker group if you make this!**


  1. What a cute idea. Think my young ones would like this. Nice post!!!


  2. SO cute! My kids made these for me last year in school! A great gift for grandparents too!

    Here from MBC, now following, I hope you'll stop by my blog! =)


  3. Saw you on MBC and adore your blog! Stop by & see me when you get a chance!!

  4. What a cute idea. Following you via MBC.



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