Friday, December 30, 2011

Maxi Skirt Tutorial

Here is a maxi skirt I made and wore for Thanksgiving. It is so easy and inexpensive to make! 

Fabric: You will need to pick out the fabric material and color you want. I used a stretch knit from Joann's Fabric. (Don't forget to use your coupons when buying your fabric!)
Elastic band

First, you will need to measure how much fabric you will need. I measured from where I wanted the skirt to start, down to the floor, for the length. For my skirt, I got 45'' in length (keep in mind the type if shoes you will be wearing with your skirt. For flats, it will need to be shorter, for heels, measure longer.) The great thing about this material is that I did not need to finish any edges! It will not fray and looks fine unfinished. Woo hoo! :)

Next, you will need to measure your waist for the elastic length. Keep in mind that your length will need to be about an inch shorter than your waist measurement. The elastic will stretch and fit your waist snug. If you get the same exact size, your skirt waist might be too lose.  I bought a 1.5'' wide black elastic band. 

You should use elastic thread when attaching the skirt to the waistband, but I did not have any on hand, and forgot to buy some, so my skirt's waistband is attached with just plain old thread. 

Once you have all your materials, it is time to sew!

Since your fabric should already be cut to the length that you need, you don't need to do any cutting. Take your fabric, and on the longest stitch, sew along the top of the skirt. This is to make the pleats for the top. Once I started sewing, I back stiched right away.

When you get to the end, DO NOT back stitch! make sure you have some extra thread before you cut. This is the end we will pull to make our ruffles/pleats.

Separate the top thread from the bottom one, and pull on one (i pulled the top) to create your ruffles. If you need more information on how to ruffle, look at my post here on ruffling.

Ruffle until you  get the width of your skirt to be the same width as your elastic.

Once you  have the skirt the width that you want, tie off the open end with the thread. Double knot it, so you do not lose any of your ruffles. 

Next, pin the top of your skirt to the elastic, and sew it in place. I sewed mine to the top of the elastic, which looks good, but next time, I will sew it to the bottom (where the arrow is at).

 The inside of the skirt should look something like this

The outside of your skirt should look like this.

Now to sew the edge of the skirt, and finish it off!

Fold your skirt in half, with right sides together.Make sure the ends of your elastic match up.

 Pin the edge, all the way down to the bottom of the skirt. 

Now sew! Make sure to back stitch! start from the top and sew towards the bottom, back stitching at both ends. 

Once you are done, trim off excess thread and you are done!

Ok, so there wasn't that great of a picture of me wearing my skirt on Thanksgiving, so I had my hubby take this one. Not so great, but you get to see what it looks like. :)

Enjoy your skirt! You can always make a shorter version, or even one for your daughters! So many possibilities...

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Graduation Cupcake Stand

Here is a graduation cupcake stand I was asked to make for a party this Saturday. The school colors are hunter green and gold. I bought the fabric and trims from Joann's fabric.

The top is a graduation cap with a tassel I made. I took a 10inch cake board, and cut it into a 7'' square, then wrapped it in back. I added a button that I wrapped in the same black fabric and a tassel I made out of embroidery thread. The great thing about the top, is that you can put cupcakes on it as well as the other layers!

Find the cupcake stand tutorial HERE!

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Friday, November 18, 2011

DIY Cupcake Ornaments

I saw these really cute ornaments online that were selling for $20 each. They looked like they were pretty easy to make, so I took a stab at it. 

My daughter helped me make them, which was quite interesting.

First you will need to get your supplies:

Styrofoam Balls - I bought a pack of 6 from Joann's Fabric
Glue Gun
Cupcake cups
Paint brush - optional

One you have all your supplies, I would suggest to lay out some newspaper. This may get a little messy. Well, with my little helper, things got pretty messy.

Take your ball, and glue the top half. I swirled the glue, then used the brush to spread it evenly all over the top half. 

Now, cover the glued half with your glitter. Shake off any excess. If you have any spots that are not covered, just dab a little glue and sprinkle on the glitter. 

Take your cup and glue the upper edge. Make sure to glue all the way around.

Take your ball and push it gently into the cup. You do not need to push it all the way down. gently push it as far as you would like. While holding the ball and pushing it down, I took some of the glitter off. Either you can let the ball dry before this step, or go back after and add more glitter and glue to the bald spots. As you can see, I have major bald spots where the ball meets the cup. No problem! I went back, added glue and more glitter to fix this problem. 

Next, you will need to add a dab of hot glue to the top center of your cupcake, and attach the bell. You will want the top of the ball facing up so you can attach your strin gto hang the ornament on the tree. 
Sorry, I didn't take a picture of this step.

Let it dry!!

Now tie your string or wire to the top of the bell and you are all done!! 

I have more colors of glitter to use, but I stopped at these two. It got a little too messy. My daughter was more interested in playing with the glitter that was in the plate than anything. She even somehow was able to get it into her mouth! She might have been a little too young to help with this one, so you may want to do this project with the older kids. :)

Happy ornament making!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

How to - yarn balls

Here it is! A yarn ball. We only made three of them, and will make more soon. 

I did not take any pictures of how to make them, but it is pretty simple. 

First you need your supplies:
School Glue -  I used the white Elmers Glue with the orange top. 
Parchment paper

1) Mix your glue and water in a bowl. I dumped the entire glue bottle in the bowl, then filled it with water and dumped that in too. So I used a 1:1 ratio. The mixture should be of a house paint like consistency. 
2) take your yarn and put it into the glue mixture. I did not cut the yarn from my yarn roll, because I wasn't sure how much I needed. If I needed more yarn, I pulled more from my roll and put it in the glue mixture. 
3) wrap the yarn around your balloon. 
Once you are done wrapping the yarn, cut it from the roll and dip the end in the glue, then tuck it under a strand on your balloon. 
4) squeeze the balloon to get some excess glue off your yarn ball. 
6) repeat this for all your balloons. 

To dry your yarn balls out:
- There are two ways to do this. You can lay your yarn balls on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper to dry, or hang them over the cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. (To hang them, you will need to blow your balloons up, tie them off, then tie the yarn to the balloon, leaving a long tail for hanging. Then you can begin to wrap the balloon in the glued yarn. You can tie them onto a clothes hanger, and hang that on a kitchen cabinet knob (placing your cookie sheet directly under to catch any glue that falls.  

They will take a day or two to dry. Once they are dry, the should be pretty hard. You will need to pop the balloon. Make sure the yarn is completely dry before letting the air out of your balloon.

And you have it. Your yarn balls! It has been two days since we have wrapped ours, and two are still not dry.

I will make a tutorial on how to make these into Christmas ornaments soon... I know it can be hard to do without pictures, so I will try to make these with a photo tutorial soon! 

In the mean time, I am also trying to plan my daughter's third birthday. We have almost decided on a theme. So far the front runner is Mad Hatter Tea Party. I have so many ideas for this. Do any of you have any ideas for a great 3rd birthday theme? I would love to hear...

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Colorful yarn balls!

I was searching the Google images for party themes, and I came across this picture!

Since tomorrow is going to be a rainy day, you can bet the little one and I are going to try to make these. Maybe not as big. As soon as we get it, I will post a tutorial! Aren't they great! There are so many possibilities... birthday decorations, hanging in the corner of my daughter's room, in a bowl, or I might even try to make some kind of Christmas decorations with this.

I will be back for more on this.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pom Pom Filled tutu

This is a few days late, but I have a sick daughter at home, so I haven't had time to post this. So finally, here is the tutorial!

I had some left over black tulle and was going to make a simple two later tutu for my daughter, but when I was at Target they had these pom poms in the dollar section. I bought them knowing I could use them for something. Then I went to make the tutu, and decided to add them in!

First thing you will need are the supplies:
Pom poms.
Elastic for waist.

Once you have all your supplies, it is time to get started! First thing, is get your measurements for the tutu. First is the waist. Take your daughters waist measurement and add about 12-15 extra inches to that. The more inches you add to the waist measurements, the fuller the tutu will look.For example, I will need 23 inches and I will add 12 to that. So I need to cut 35 inches.
Second, you will need the length measurement, then add two inches to that,  then multiply that by two. For example, if you want your tutu to be 8 inches long, you will add two inches for the casing, so that is 10 inches, now multiply by two to get 20 inches.
Now cut your piece. I will cut a 35x20 piece of tulle.
(these measurements are not the ones that I used, they are numbers just for example)

Next, cut your elastic wait band. I cut mine about an inch smaller than I needed since the elastic will stretch when worn. Now that you have all your material ready, get to sewing.

Take your two length sides. The ones that are 20 inches. Put those together to form a tube, and sew them together. (use thread that matches your tulle. I used white to show what I am doing. )

Now fold your tube in half lengthwise so that your sewn seam is now in the inside.

Now you can put your pom poms inside the tutu. This was fun for my little one to do.

Fold the open top of the tube down about two inches to and pin in place. This will create the casing for the elastic waist band.

Sew around the top of the fold (about 1-1.5 inches from the top to allow room for the elastic to fit). Make sure to leave a 1 inch opening. So do not sew all that way around. This is where we will insert the elastic.

Take a safety pin and pin one end of the elastic. Use this to help feed the elastic through the opening.

Once it is all the way through, sew the elastic ends together. Then sew the opening on the fold closed. And you are all done!

 I added a purple bow to mine. Just tie a bow and hand sew this on!Super easy and cute!
Now you can make these in any color with any color pom poms as well! They are fun to make for dress up, birthdays, and any holiday!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Another Doll Outfit

I have a tutorial on a pom pom filled tutu, but that is for tomorrow. for now I will show you this!

Another outfit for Emma the doll. :)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

DIY Bath Toy Net

This project cost me about $3 and took 10 minutes to make! Super easy and cute. 

We had a toy holder that I bought from Target, but it did not drain completly, causing some of my daughters toys to have mold on them! I had to throw out the toys and toy holder. So in the mean time, we have been throwing the toys between the counter and bathtub. What a pain! 

The other day I was at the fabric store and saw this netting. It is right next to the tulle. It was 1.49 a yard, and I had a 40% off coupon! I bought a yard (way more than I needed) and wanted to try to make a net for her bath toys. Since it is netting, I know it will breath and drain well. 

First thing I did was cut the netting to the size that I wanted. I left the netting folded in half, as it came, and used the fold as the bottom of the bag so that I only had to sew the two sides. 

I sewed both sides. You should now have your bag. The bottom should be the fold and the two sides sewn, leaving the top open. The nice thing about the material is that you do not have to finish the edges, because you don't have to worry about fraying! 

Once you have the edges sewn, pick out some ribbon. I let me daughter go through my stash and pick out a 3/4'' ribbon. You will want to take your ribbon, measure it to fit the side of the bag. We are going to hide the sewn sides. Fold your ribbon in half and line the fold up with the bottom of the bag (folded end). You will have one piece on the bottom, the netting, and then your ribbon on top as well. 

This is what it should look like. Leave some extra ribbon at the top of the bag side for attaching to your suctions. Once you have it lined up, pin it in place. 

Sew the ribbon onto the netting starting with the inside side. Then sew the outer edge of the ribbon. All three pieces (bottom ribbon, netting and top ribbon) should be secure after sewing them. Do this to both sides. 

Now you will need your suction cups. You can get these anywhere. I am using ones that I have. Mine are from my razor holder. :) 
Sorry for a horrible picture of these, but you know what I am talking about. Some of the suctions have hooks on them. If you can find those, they are pretty easy to attach the ribbon to. You would just have to sew the ribbon ends (that we left longer at the top of the bag) together to create a loop with ribbon and hang it on the hooks.

Once you attach the suctions to your ribbon, you are all done! Super easy and cheap to make. You can also buy all different color netting and different style ribbons!  I am glad this worked out, now I don't have to worry about taking up counter space with her bath toys!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

First Outfit

Here is the first outfit I made for the Emma doll. It is a little messy since I didn't have a pattern to go off of, and little time to complete it, but it is a start!

My daughter picked out the fabric. I made her an outfit, and had it sitting by me sewing machine to fix, and when she saw it, she wanted Emma to have a similar outfit. So I pulled out some scraps and got to work.

Here is my little one's outfit. 

I made the doll a pair of pants, a tank top, a vest, and a matching headband. If you look they also have the same purple crocs shoes on. :)

The tank has ribbon straps that velcro in the back.
If anyone is interested I will make a tutorial on how to make this. I promise I will dedicate more time on the outfit so it doesn't look as messy in some areas. :)

One outfit down, may to go!

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