Monday, January 31, 2011

How to make Felt Flower Clips

 The other day I picked up some felt squares for .25 each. I wasn't sure what I was going to make with them, and ended up making these flower hair clips. They are simple and sweet! Not to mention VERY easy to make!


  • Felt
  • Snap clips
  • Gems for center of flowers
  • Embroidery Floss
  • Hot Glue

First you will need your flowers. I went online and printed these. Cut the paper flowers out so that you can use them to trace onto your felt. (To make one flower smaller in size, open your image in Microsoft Word and scale it down but selecting the image and dragging one of the corners in.)

Next, I used a pin to pin my flowers onto my felt, and cut. You can take a pen and trace yours then cut, or do it this way.

Once you cut them out, this is what they should look like. Once big one and one smaller one.

Fold your big flower and make a small cut. This is where you will insert your snap clip.

Slip your snap clip in. This will be the back of the clip. Make sure to remember this is the back when you glue your small flower on top of your big flower!

Take your small flower and glue your center piece on.

Now you will make your stitching around the edge of the small flower. Tie a knot on the end of your floss. Start from the back and pull through to the front. Then back down to the back. Repeat this process all the way around. You will need to end in the back, and tie it off.

Your back should look something like this. As you can see, there are two knots, one where I started and one where I ended. I went around and put hot glue along the stitching.

You will put your top flower on this side of your big flower. Make sure to fully hide the snap clip.

Once you have it glued, go ahead and place the small piece on your big piece, making sure to hide your clip. Press firmly for a few seconds.

And you are all done! Now you have your new felt flower hair clip! All you have to do now is make more! You can make them in any color combination to match any of your daughter's outfits! These are so easy and fun to make! You can always let your little one pick out her own colors...

Enjoy your new clips!

**Don't forget to share your finished clips in our flickr group!**

Friday, January 28, 2011

Kids Apron

Yesterday during Gia's nap, I made her this apron.

You will need some fabric/material, and some ribbon. If you don't have any fabric, you can use an old top that you don't wear anymore. You will need three pieces: one for the back, one for the front, and a small piece for the pocket.

Here are my three pieces. I used a solid white piece for the front of the apron, a white piece where I added a bottom trim of the black and pink polka dot fabric. Then for the pocket I made a matching pink with black polka dot piece. Just measure how long you want your apron, and how wide, then cut your three pieces.

Lay the front and back piece on top of each other, fold in half and mark your arm holes. Then cut along your line. (I measured my daughter's chest across the top to see where I wanted the arm holes to start, and then just made a backwards J-ish shape.)

This is what it should look like when you open up your fabric. 

Next you will want to cut out your neck and back ties. You will need two longer ones for the back and two shorter (but long enough to make a bow around the neck) for the top tie.

Lay your front piece of fabric on the table so that the right side of fabric is facing up, then lay your ribbon pieces down where the ends stick out beyond the edge a bit (as in picture.) - note: in this picture, I have the top piece on top already, I did not take a picture of the front piece with the ribbons laid down.

This is how you will want to lay your ribbon before you place the back piece on top of your front and pocket piece... with only the ends sticking out from the edge, and with the majority of the ribbon laying on your fabric/in between the layers.

Then lay your pocket piece down so that it is on top of the front piece you just layed down. Make sure the pocket is right side up. Last, place the back piece of fabric on top of everything, right side facing in (as shown in the picture.) 

Then pin everything together, starting with your ribbon first, so it doesn't move.

Now sew the sides and top of the apron, leaving the bottom open.  Once it is sewn, turn it inside out.

You will have your bottom open as in the picture. I am holding the pocket piece. It should only be sewn on the two sides. The top and bottom should not be sewn yet. 

Then you sew the bottom closed. make sure to sew through all layers. Once you have your bottom sewn, you can sew vertical lines on the pocket to make smaller pockets. 

Here is what my pocket looked like. I added two vertical lines, which gave me three small pockets. I also added a minnie head (I sewed this on first, even before I cut out the arm holes.)

And that's it! 

An apron for your little helper!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Valentine's Day Hearts

The little one and I made heart dolls yesterday. They are very easy and fun to make! Great for a Valentine gift for the little ones.The hearts are made of fleece that I bought for half off, and the legs and eyes are out of felt squares that cost me 4 for $1.

First thing you will need is a heart to trace. I printed one off of the internet to use. 

 Pin your heart to the fabric and cut it out. You will need two pieces of each color.

Here are our hearts. We have two red, and two pink hearts. 

We picked gray felt for our legs and black for the face. 

You will need to cut out four strips for each heart. I placed the two gray felt squares on top of each other and cut my strips. That way I was cutting two at a time. So total I have 8 gray strips for two heart dolls. 
This is what you should have once you are done cutting the hearts and legs out. Next I cut out my faces for the dolls. 

I cut my eyes and mouths out and placed them on the hearts to see how they looked. Once I was happy with how it looked, I began to attach them.

I used embroidery floss to attach mine, because I wanted to give my pink heart eyelashes. You can always run them under the sewing machine, or hot glue them. (You must attach all your pieces before you being to sew your hearts together.)
You will need to tie a knot at the end of your floss, poke through the fabric and eye, starting from the back. Come back down to make a stitch in the middle of the eye to hold it in place. Then you poke back through at the top corner of the eye to start on the eyelashes.

 Pull your floss all the way through the front, then poke through the front and pull floss to the back side. You should have your first eyelash.

 Repeat these steps until you get as many lashes as you like. (Don't worry about what the back side looks like, you are just concerned about the front.) Once you get your lashes, make sure you end in the back, and tie off your floss. 

Secure all your pieces down using the same method. Make sure to stitch all around the edges.

Next, you will need to take your felt legs and sew two of them together. Keep one end open so that you will be able to stuff it if you like.

I rounded the ends of my legs, but you can make them however you would like. Once you sew them all, trim the edges to clean them up...just don't trim off your stitches! 

Place your hearts on top of each other, and the legs in between the layers. Pin your legs and all around the heart.  **(if you are going to stuff your legs, you will need to do it before you pin your legs between the layers)**

 Begin to sew! Make sure to leave a small opening so that you can stuff your hearts. You will sew that closed once you are done stuffing.  

Now stuff! Gia had a lot of fun stuffing her hearts. 

 Once you have it stuffed, close your opening. Make sure to match your seams up, while not leaving a gap.

Now do the same for the rest of your hearts. 

The only difference from the red and pink heart is the hair and bows. I added these two pieces to the pink heart. I cut two strips of red fleece and cut slits on one end. I only cut slits half way down the strip so that I could insert and sew the solid end in between the two hearts. You do the same as you did with the legs. Insert them in between the hearts and pin all layers together so they don't move.

Once you have your hearts sewn, make your bows. 

I held my bows between my fingers, then placed them on the edge of the fabric (on top of the hair) and lowered my needle through the center to hold the bow in place. I lowered the foot and added a few stitches. 
  • I filled my heart first and then added my bows, but it would be easier to add them after you sew around your heart, but before you fill it. Just make sure not to stitch the bow on the inside of the heart. It needs to be on the edge (outside of the stitching. make this picture bigger to see where it should be sewn.)

And that's it! You are done. I went around my hearts after i was all done and trimmed them a little so the edges were straight.

Fun and easy! And they don't take long at all or cost that much to make. I am sure the kids will love to stuff them too!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cupcake Stand Tutorial Part 1

For my daughter's birthday, we ordered cupcakes instead of a cake (except for her cake.) To go along with the cupcakes, I made this cupcake tower. The entire stand cost me less than $10.

First, you will need to get your materials. This is what I used:

  • 14'' cake boards (2)
  • 12'' cake boards (2)
  • 10'' cake boards (2)
  • 8'' cake board (2)
  • floral block (I bought green, it is best to use white)
  • three cans
  • glue gun
 (I purchased my cake boards at a cake supply store. That way I was able to buy singles instead of having to buy a package of 8 in each size. They cost 0.13 - 0.29 each.)

The first thing I did was to cover the block with fabric. I used white fabric. I measured the width of the block and cut a strip. I cut it a little taller than the block so that I would be able to fold it over and glue the fabric to the top of the block. 

Hot glue all around the edges on each side. One side at a time.

Push firmly on your fabric so that it sticks to the glue. Do this for all sides

When you  get to the last side, fold the end under the fabric so you have a clean seam. Glue it this way, then glue your last side down. Yours should look something like this. It should have a little extra fabric on each end. 

last, glue down the extra fabric on both ends. Don't worry about not covering the top and bottom, as one will be on the table, and one will have a cake board on top of it. So both will be hidden.

Set your block aside and get your cake boards. Separate them by size. Take your largest cake boards and glue the inside of one board (the outside should be white, and the inside is cardboard color.) 
Place the wrong sides (cardboard colored side) together and hold for a few seconds. Make sure to line up the edges so they are exact. Do this to all sizes. You should then only have 4 cake board pieces since you have glued the same sizes together. 

Mark the center of your cake boards. Do this for the top and bottom of each board. 

Add glue to the top of the block and push the largest cake board down onto it. Make sure to push for a good 30 seconds. Also make sure to center the block with the marks that you have made.

Set the base aside and take the wrapper off of your cans. I used three different sizes for mine. Then you will need to measure out some fabric and cut it to the height of each can and enough of wrap around the can. I measured mine long enough to wrap twice so that you would not be able to see the can through the fabric.

Add glue up the middle and a little on the edge. This is where you will start to glue your fabric or paper down.

Add your fabric. Glue just the top and bottom edges while your wrap. 

Once you get to the end, add some glue up the side and glue your fabric end down.

Here are all my glued cans. Make sure to have all your cans glued before you move on.

(The next steps are without pictures. Although you will not need pictures to understand how to complete the stand, I will be posting them in part two of my tutorial by Feb 5th - which is when I will be making another one for my aunt.) It was just so late when I was making this that I forgot to take pictures of the last few steps. :)

After you have all your fabric glued to your cans, you will need to add them to your cake boards. First, take the biggest can, and add glue to the bottom of it. Mainly on the rim. Then place it on the bottom cake board that is sitting on the block (make sure you center it!!) Once you have the can glued, add the next size, 12'' cake board, on top of the can.

Repeat this until you have all your cans and cake boards glued. When gluing the cans down, make sure you align all the fabric seams to the back of the cupcake stand. And focus your glue on the bottom rims of the cans. Also, center, center, center!!

You will end up with something like this. I added the green trim to cover the bottom of the cans, but you don't need to do this if you don't have any trim laying around. The cupcakes will hide it all.

Here is what mine looked like when I had completed it. You will need to add ribbon around the edges of the cake board to finish it off. All you do is add some glue, about 6 inches at a time and press your ribbon down, and wrap it around the entire edge of each size. I used different colors for mine to match my theme. I also added a tutu to the bottom of mine. There are so many different variations of this that can be made!

Have fun with this and don't hesitate to contact me with any questions you have!

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