Friday, January 7, 2011

Birthday Decorations

Here are some birthday decorations I wanted to share. I got these all from Target! 

LOLLIPOPS: The lollipops were .50 each! They are Christmas ornaments that were 75% off! I bought as many as they had, and will somehow incorporate them with the birthday decorations. If you are looking to have a candy themed birthday for your little one, I would take a look at your Target to get some too! 

TIN BINS: The tin bins were in the dollar section of target, and were 2.50 each. I figured I could use them somewhere. 

FRAMES: The picture frames were also in the dollar section for 1.00 each. They say Friends at the top, but I will cover that something. I am going to use 3 of them for her pictures. One for her newborn picture, the next for her 1 year picture and the last for a recent picture of her.

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