Friday, January 7, 2011

Birthday Favor Tags

Here are the favor tags I made to match the lollipop theme I have going for my daughter's birthday. These are very easy to make! You use the same concept as the lollipop invites/favor post.

First thing you need to do is create your image. Again, I used Microsoft Word. I created the circle in "shapes" and changed the outline to dotted (when you go to change the outline, you can also change the color.) 

Second: Once I had the circle to the size that I wanted, I added "word art" to get the thank you for making my day so sweet, text to wrap around like that. 

Last: I right clicked on the circle and went to "add text" to type in the names. Then you just change all the colors to what you want.

You will need to get a scalloped punch to get the same look. If not, you can just cut the image out in a circle, and then add the other colored circle cutouts behind it. I punched my image out, then used my circle cutter to make two larger circles out of colored scrap booking paper, and glued them all together. (I got my scalloped punch from Micheal's Crafts, but you can get them at any fabric store as well. They are in the scrapbook section.)

Once you have one image made, you can go back and change the name and colors to make the rest of your favor tags. I will glue these to the bags that will contain the favors in them. Or you can hole punch them and tie them to the favors.

If you have any other questions on how to make these, don't hesitate to send me an email! I will be more than happy to help. 

Have fun crafting! 

I have had a few questions on how to make these. Here is the email I send out. I figured I would add it here for others who have questions. If you are still unable to create these, feel free to email me!

I started with creating the outer dotted circle. I went to "insert" then "shapes" and selected the circle. I dragged out my circle, then changed the size of it. I had a 2'' scalloped punch, so I made mine about 1.75. Once I had my circle the size I needed, I changed the outline of it to dotted. Then changed the line color. I was able to do this by double clicking on the circle, and editing.

Once you have your circle, click on it, and go to "format" and "text wrapping" Make sure your circle is set on "behind text" This way it will be behind the text and not covering it.

To add the words that wrap around, I went to "insert" then "word art". I selected Word Art Style 3, which is the one that is arched up. Then type in whatever you want it to say. In mine I had "Thank you for making my day so sweet". After you type your saying in, select your font, and font size (which should around 9 or even smaller, depending on how you want it to look).

Click ok, then click on your word art so that it is outlined with the selection box.  Once it is selected, click on the "format" tab again, and there should be an icon that is a blue letter A. if you click on that, it should drop down a menu that has a section that reads "follow path". select the circle. This will wrap your text in a circle. All you have to do from there is drag the corner edges of the selected word art to make your word art circle smaller or bigger to fit into your dotted circle.

For me it was easier to move my dotted circle around when I was editing the shape and size of the word art circle. You just have to mess with the sizing of the word art circle to get it to fit just right.

Also, I have a gap in mine, and then "Love, Gianna". To do this, edit your word art saying (the "thank you for making my day so sweet") Right click on it, and go to edit text, then at the end, hit the space bar as many times as you need to make the space that you need add "Love, Name" and some more space bar taps. You will also have to play with this so see how many space bar hits will make the desired gap.

I hope this has helped!! Please let me know if you are still having trouble making your tags.


  1. These are adorable! And I LOVED your tutu too!

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