Friday, January 28, 2011

Kids Apron

Yesterday during Gia's nap, I made her this apron.

You will need some fabric/material, and some ribbon. If you don't have any fabric, you can use an old top that you don't wear anymore. You will need three pieces: one for the back, one for the front, and a small piece for the pocket.

Here are my three pieces. I used a solid white piece for the front of the apron, a white piece where I added a bottom trim of the black and pink polka dot fabric. Then for the pocket I made a matching pink with black polka dot piece. Just measure how long you want your apron, and how wide, then cut your three pieces.

Lay the front and back piece on top of each other, fold in half and mark your arm holes. Then cut along your line. (I measured my daughter's chest across the top to see where I wanted the arm holes to start, and then just made a backwards J-ish shape.)

This is what it should look like when you open up your fabric. 

Next you will want to cut out your neck and back ties. You will need two longer ones for the back and two shorter (but long enough to make a bow around the neck) for the top tie.

Lay your front piece of fabric on the table so that the right side of fabric is facing up, then lay your ribbon pieces down where the ends stick out beyond the edge a bit (as in picture.) - note: in this picture, I have the top piece on top already, I did not take a picture of the front piece with the ribbons laid down.

This is how you will want to lay your ribbon before you place the back piece on top of your front and pocket piece... with only the ends sticking out from the edge, and with the majority of the ribbon laying on your fabric/in between the layers.

Then lay your pocket piece down so that it is on top of the front piece you just layed down. Make sure the pocket is right side up. Last, place the back piece of fabric on top of everything, right side facing in (as shown in the picture.) 

Then pin everything together, starting with your ribbon first, so it doesn't move.

Now sew the sides and top of the apron, leaving the bottom open.  Once it is sewn, turn it inside out.

You will have your bottom open as in the picture. I am holding the pocket piece. It should only be sewn on the two sides. The top and bottom should not be sewn yet. 

Then you sew the bottom closed. make sure to sew through all layers. Once you have your bottom sewn, you can sew vertical lines on the pocket to make smaller pockets. 

Here is what my pocket looked like. I added two vertical lines, which gave me three small pockets. I also added a minnie head (I sewed this on first, even before I cut out the arm holes.)

And that's it! 

An apron for your little helper!


  1. This is so extremely cute. I am a huge fan of aprons for kids...especially cute ones for the little girls! Nice tutorial, too!


  2. Your site is beautiful. You really designed it well. I should be doing work on my site, but glad I found you on Mom Bloggers instread.

    Hope you will visit my site and follow too:

    Have a great weekend, Paula

  3. OH i JUST LOVE THIS DARLING APRON! My sweet little one is going to be so happy when i whip this up for her. I'm a fan of quick nap time project time for mommy. thank you for sharing.


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