Monday, January 3, 2011

Rainbow Play Skirt

I have been working hard on getting this birthday together. I have less than two weeks, and a lot to do/make. This weekend I was able to make my daughters tutu/pettiskirt that she will be wearing for the day. Since the theme is Lollipop, and very colorful, that is what I went with for the skirt as well.

I used a lot of tulle for this skirt. I had orange, yellow, green, teal, purple and hot pink tulle. The second layer is a light pink satin-ish material. Each color is folded in half, to make two layers. If I was to make this again, I wouldn't use so much tulle, and throw in some different material. It was a little difficult to work with when making so many layers.

If you are looking to make a play skirt for your little one, here is how I made the skirt:

First, you will need to know how long you want to make the skirt. I picked a length (10 inches) and cut my bottom layer to that. (NOTE: you will need to add an extra 2 inches to each layer for the waist band casing)
So this is how my skirt measurements are broken up:
  • Bottom layer (orange): 12 inches
  • Yellow: 11 inches
  • Green: 10 inches
  • Teal: 9 inches
  • Purple: 8 incehs
  • Light pink satin: 7 inces
  • Hot pink: 6 inches
From there, I measured an elastic band for the waist. My daughter's waist was 18 inches, so I took an inch off and cut it at 17 inches.

Now you will need to measure out the length of the layers and cut. I cut mine at 58 inches long. So for my Orange later, I cut it 58 inches long, and 12 inches high. (But I folded mine and made each later a double layer. You do not need to do this. Single layers will be easier to work with.)

Cut your strips, and then sew the height/short sides together. Do this for each layer.

Once you have your layers all sewn, sew on your trims. Be careful when working with fabric that frays easily, do not sew your trim too close to the edge.

Once I had all my trims on, I pined the layers and began to sew them all together at the top of the skirt.

Once you have all your layers sewn together, turn the skirt inside out, and fold the top down about an inch and begin to sew. This is the casing for the elastic to go into. So make sure when you get to the end, to leave a 1 inch opening to push your elastic through.

I only had black elastic laying around, so that is what I used. You take a safety pin and pin one end of the elastic. Push the pin through one side of the opening, and all the way around the casing you just made. Pull it out the other side, and place the elastic ends on top of each other and sew them together.

Close the 1 inch opening, by sewing it shut.

And there you  have it! A play skirt that looks like a tutu or pettiskirt. You can really be creative with this and make as many skirts with all different fabrics.

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  1. that is adorable! I might need to make one of those for my daughters birthday coming up!

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  3. Hi I am popping in from MBC, love your blog and ideas!! My 2 yr old daughter would love that skirt.

  4. I just loooooove this idea, and you've inspired me so much! I'm --FOR SURE-- doing this for my little girl... Oh, And i found your beautiful skirt (and blog) via a pin on Pinterest.. ;0) and I'm now a follower all the way from Denmark, Europe...


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