Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Refrigerator Magnet

I was looking for something to do with all the papers and pictures I have on our refrigerator. I have a bunch of magnets holding them all up, and it is starting to look a little messy. So I decided to make this!

All you need, is a ruler, two thick magnets, ribbon, scrap fabric, and clothes pins and hot glue.

You start by measuring our your fabric to fit your ruler (you could always use ribbon to cover the ruler too.) Once you have your fabric cut, hot glue the flat side of the ruler, and lay the ruler, flat side down onto the back side (wrong side) of the fabric. Then add some glue to the ends of the ruler, and fold your fabric over the edges.

Do this to the sides of the fabric too.

Once you have glued all sides down, you should have something that looks like this. Your covered ruler!

Now, you start on your clothes pins. If you don't want to cover them, you can use them as is, but I decided to cover mine with some ribbon I had and a few gems, a rolled rosette, and a couple other little things I had laying around.  Measure and cut your ribbon to the size of the clothes pin.

Add some hot glue to the top of the clothes pin and add your ribbon, then gem or anything else you will be adding. Do this for all your pins.

Now take your ruler, and add some glue to the ends (on the back side) and glue down your magnets.  
Make sure to test your magnets to see which side sticks to the refrigerator before you glue them down. Also make sure they are thick enough so that when your ruler is on the 'fridge, the clothes pins will fit when clipped onto the ruler. If your magnets are not thick enough, you can always glue them to something that makes them thicker, and glue that to the ruler.

And that's it! Now you have your new magnet to organize all your papers or pictures on your refrigerator.

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  1. love your blog...am your newest follower:)

  2. Hi. I got your comment on MBC and just wanted to say thank you for the warm welcome. Your blog looks super cute and I can't wait to take a look at some of your tutorials.
    I'm your newest follower and would love for you to take a look at my blog and follow back if its something you enjoy. :)

  3. Hi! I just found your blog through nestwork. I love this idea. My refrigerator isn't magnetic and I love that I could attach this some other way.

    I followed you and would love for you to stop by my blog: keepitcomplicated.me

  4. Wow! That's a great and easy project to do! It'd be easy to make with a toddler too! Thanks for sharing! I'm following you now so I can see all your projects. ;)

  5. I just found your blog through the sweet comment you left on MBC!! Hope you get time to stop by & check mine out also (now followin you via GFC~~ShariLynnAlligood)


  6. Hi! New follower here - love this!


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