Friday, January 21, 2011

Valentine's Day Hearts

The little one and I made heart dolls yesterday. They are very easy and fun to make! Great for a Valentine gift for the little ones.The hearts are made of fleece that I bought for half off, and the legs and eyes are out of felt squares that cost me 4 for $1.

First thing you will need is a heart to trace. I printed one off of the internet to use. 

 Pin your heart to the fabric and cut it out. You will need two pieces of each color.

Here are our hearts. We have two red, and two pink hearts. 

We picked gray felt for our legs and black for the face. 

You will need to cut out four strips for each heart. I placed the two gray felt squares on top of each other and cut my strips. That way I was cutting two at a time. So total I have 8 gray strips for two heart dolls. 
This is what you should have once you are done cutting the hearts and legs out. Next I cut out my faces for the dolls. 

I cut my eyes and mouths out and placed them on the hearts to see how they looked. Once I was happy with how it looked, I began to attach them.

I used embroidery floss to attach mine, because I wanted to give my pink heart eyelashes. You can always run them under the sewing machine, or hot glue them. (You must attach all your pieces before you being to sew your hearts together.)
You will need to tie a knot at the end of your floss, poke through the fabric and eye, starting from the back. Come back down to make a stitch in the middle of the eye to hold it in place. Then you poke back through at the top corner of the eye to start on the eyelashes.

 Pull your floss all the way through the front, then poke through the front and pull floss to the back side. You should have your first eyelash.

 Repeat these steps until you get as many lashes as you like. (Don't worry about what the back side looks like, you are just concerned about the front.) Once you get your lashes, make sure you end in the back, and tie off your floss. 

Secure all your pieces down using the same method. Make sure to stitch all around the edges.

Next, you will need to take your felt legs and sew two of them together. Keep one end open so that you will be able to stuff it if you like.

I rounded the ends of my legs, but you can make them however you would like. Once you sew them all, trim the edges to clean them up...just don't trim off your stitches! 

Place your hearts on top of each other, and the legs in between the layers. Pin your legs and all around the heart.  **(if you are going to stuff your legs, you will need to do it before you pin your legs between the layers)**

 Begin to sew! Make sure to leave a small opening so that you can stuff your hearts. You will sew that closed once you are done stuffing.  

Now stuff! Gia had a lot of fun stuffing her hearts. 

 Once you have it stuffed, close your opening. Make sure to match your seams up, while not leaving a gap.

Now do the same for the rest of your hearts. 

The only difference from the red and pink heart is the hair and bows. I added these two pieces to the pink heart. I cut two strips of red fleece and cut slits on one end. I only cut slits half way down the strip so that I could insert and sew the solid end in between the two hearts. You do the same as you did with the legs. Insert them in between the hearts and pin all layers together so they don't move.

Once you have your hearts sewn, make your bows. 

I held my bows between my fingers, then placed them on the edge of the fabric (on top of the hair) and lowered my needle through the center to hold the bow in place. I lowered the foot and added a few stitches. 
  • I filled my heart first and then added my bows, but it would be easier to add them after you sew around your heart, but before you fill it. Just make sure not to stitch the bow on the inside of the heart. It needs to be on the edge (outside of the stitching. make this picture bigger to see where it should be sewn.)

And that's it! You are done. I went around my hearts after i was all done and trimmed them a little so the edges were straight.

Fun and easy! And they don't take long at all or cost that much to make. I am sure the kids will love to stuff them too!


  1. Yay I love step by step craft blogs!

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  2. So cute! And easy I might add. Thanks for sharing. I'm going to do this with my daughters.
    #MBC, definitely following your blog for craft ideas.
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  3. This is so cute and easy! I found you from your message on Bloggy Moms.


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