Thursday, April 21, 2011

Felt Finger Puppets

Just in time for Easter. If you need any last minute Easter basket ideas, here is one easy idea!

I made these little guys while I was watching the munchkin color. They are quick, easy and fun for the babies to play with. 

All you will need is some felt, embroidery floss/hot glue/thread. I used the floss, but you can always hot glue the edges together, or even hand sew with thread, or with your sewing machine. 

First, pick out your felt.

Then cut out your bunnies. I cut one out of paper, then traced it to the felt and cut all the bunnies out.

Make sure to cut two of each color since we will be placing them on top of each other to create the opening in order to slip them onto our fingers.
Take one side of the bunny and run your needle through it on one bottom corner. make sure the floss is tied in a knot so it doesn't run all the way through. (if you are using hot glue, just hot glue the edges of this side and place your second bunny side right on top. if you are going to sew them with your machine, place both sides on top of each other and run it under the machine).

Once you have your floss through the first side, place the second bunny side under the first side we just ran our floss through. The floss knot should be sandwiched in between the two bunnies.

Now take your needle and bring it to the back and poke it through. Keep as close to the edge as possible. 

Repeat the process. Poke through the front and loop back to poke through the front again.

Keep going all the way around. Once you  get to the end, tie it off. 

Here it is finished. Sorry that the picture is rotated... I couldn't get it to rotate back.

Now do the same for each color that you have. 

I just drew on the faces with a black marker, but you can cut out little eyes and a mouth with black felt, then glue them on. 

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter!!

Happy crafting!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

DIY Hooded Towels

I just love the baby hooded towels, but my little one has grown out of them. I have been using regular towels on her, and I miss the hood. I came across this tutorial on how to make large sized hooded towels, but can't seem to find the tutorial anymore. I tried to recall as best I could, and tried to make a couple, here is what I came up with...

This hooded towel is so easy to make and I LOVE how big they are! You can make any color you want, and add any color ribbon or fabric strips to the hood!

Here is how I made this:

First you will need a regular sized towel and a hand towel. You can also get matching ribbon or scrap fabric strips to add to the hood if you would like. I bough my two towels at Wal-Mart on sale for a little over $5.

Take your hand towel, and cut it around 24 inches long.

Fold your hand towel in half lengthwise, and cut your ribbon to the same size as the towel. Pin your ribbon to the towel, about 1 inch from the fold.

 Now open your towel and sew the ribbon in place. 

Here is what mine looked like after sewing the ribbon down. 

Now fold your hand towel in half widthwise. The ribbon should be on the inside.

You will need to sew the two short ends, closed. This will leave only the long side (opposite of the fold) unsewn.

After sewing the short ends closed, your towel should look like this. Only open from one end. 

Now turn your towel right side in. And this is what you should have.
Take corner A and tuck it into corner B. You will get something that should look like this:

Then you will need to open up the towel and shape your hood.
This is the front of the hood. 

Flip your hood over, and fold up the end. Pin in place and sew along the bottom to close it as is.

Now take your big towel and fold it in half to find the center. Once you have your center, pin the big towel to the center of your hood. Then pin the rest of the hood to your towel and sew the two together.

(yes, she is wearing her toy story shirt I made in the last post. :) She really loves her shirt!)

And there you have it, your new hooded towel. It is nice and big! Just perfect!! These also make great gifts.

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Monday, April 4, 2011

Repurposing Baby Clothes

I was going through some of my daughter's clothes, looking for items that needed to be donated. I came across this Toy Story shirt that she loves. It is a little too short, so she doesn't wear it anymore, but instead of donating it, I thought I would make it re-wearable! Here is what I ended up doing to make her a whole new outfit out of some old clothes...

This is the Toy Story top, and another small top that I will use to make the Toy Story top longer. 

I decided that I wanted to use the center piece (yellow and orange) to add onto the bottom of the shirt. So I measured how long I wanted the shirt to be and then cut out as much as I needed to make it that length.
The next step was to sew the hem. I am using a stretch knit, so I could have left the edges raw, and it would not fray, but I wanted to sew it and get a little ruffle into the bottom. Since this is stretch knit, I pulled the material a little as I was sewing, which gave it a ruffled look. 

Once I had the bottom hem sewn, I just took the bottom piece and put it under the shirt. 
  • My piece fit the shirt perfect, so I didn't need to cut it in order to make it smaller. If you have a piece that is wider than your shirt you are adding it to, just measure, cut and sew the piece back together.
Once I had it lined up under my shirt, I pined it in place and used white thread and sewed right on top of the existing thread. Sew all the way around.

And you are done! Now you have your new and longer top! It is that easy! 

I didn't stop here. My daughter has these pants that fit her from the waist, but they are too short on her. So I was going to make them into capris.

Here are the pants before. I really like the look of these, with the rolled cuffs and ribbon trim, so I was going to go with this look, but just make them shorter. 

The first step was to seam rip the sides so that I would be able to cut them where I needed. 

I took the length I wanted them to be, then added the extra inches for the cuff, and cut!

Now to the ironing board... I folded at the length I wanted the capris to be.

Then iron really well! 

Unfold and iron the bottom up a little. Do this to the other side too.

Once you are done, roll them back at the first fold you ironed. And you have your new capris! I measured them to make sure they were both the same length and at the length I needed. Since they were right on, I took them to my sewing machine to sew the ribbon on. If you do not want to sew ribbon onto your capris, you will need to hand stitch the cuffs in place on each side to prevent them from coming apart. 

Turn your capris inside out, and unfold the cuff once. You should have the small fold still folded (it will now be folded inwards - as you can tell, it is not visible in this picture because it is folded inside the pants.)

Take the pants and slip them onto your sewing machine. Cut your ribbon, heal seal the ends, and line it up to the edge of the fold. Sew all the way around. Do this to both sides. Once you have sewn both legs with your ribbon, you are done. Turn them right side out now, and fold your cuff back up. Your ribbon should be on the outside of your capris, and at the top of the fold. 

This was so easy to do and doesn't take long at all! So before you donate those clothes, check to see if there is anything you can make with them! :)

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