Thursday, April 21, 2011

Felt Finger Puppets

Just in time for Easter. If you need any last minute Easter basket ideas, here is one easy idea!

I made these little guys while I was watching the munchkin color. They are quick, easy and fun for the babies to play with. 

All you will need is some felt, embroidery floss/hot glue/thread. I used the floss, but you can always hot glue the edges together, or even hand sew with thread, or with your sewing machine. 

First, pick out your felt.

Then cut out your bunnies. I cut one out of paper, then traced it to the felt and cut all the bunnies out.

Make sure to cut two of each color since we will be placing them on top of each other to create the opening in order to slip them onto our fingers.
Take one side of the bunny and run your needle through it on one bottom corner. make sure the floss is tied in a knot so it doesn't run all the way through. (if you are using hot glue, just hot glue the edges of this side and place your second bunny side right on top. if you are going to sew them with your machine, place both sides on top of each other and run it under the machine).

Once you have your floss through the first side, place the second bunny side under the first side we just ran our floss through. The floss knot should be sandwiched in between the two bunnies.

Now take your needle and bring it to the back and poke it through. Keep as close to the edge as possible. 

Repeat the process. Poke through the front and loop back to poke through the front again.

Keep going all the way around. Once you  get to the end, tie it off. 

Here it is finished. Sorry that the picture is rotated... I couldn't get it to rotate back.

Now do the same for each color that you have. 

I just drew on the faces with a black marker, but you can cut out little eyes and a mouth with black felt, then glue them on. 

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter!!

Happy crafting!

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  1. so cute and easy! Loving all the projects on here!

    you have a new follower now ;)



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