Tuesday, September 20, 2011

18'' Doll Patterns

 Have you heard of American Doll? Well, I bought my daughter two of them off ebay the other day. I am saving them for either Christmas or her birthday. They are pretty expensive to buy new, so I found some great deals on ebay. The clothes are about $25 average on the American Girl site. You can also buy those on ebay for less, but I am going to make her some clothes since it will be a lot cheaper. I found some FREE American Girl patterns online HERE if you want to sew some yourself. 

As for now, my daughter is playing with an 18'' Springfield doll from Micheal's Craft. I had a 40% off coupon, so I got the doll for $12. Not bad! The little one really loves her doll, and changes her shoes constantly (we bought two pairs from Micheal's for 5 each. ) Now I just need to get to making some clothes for this doll and the new ones to come. 

This is the Emma Doll from Micheal's
To print your 40% off coupon, go to their site and sign up for coupons, they will email you one right away that you can go use!

Now off to sew clothes. I am going to let the little one pick out the scrap fabric to make some pants and a top for her doll. I am going to try to figure out how to make the shoes as well. It can be that difficult. ;)


  1. there's also some free clothes patterns on youcanmakethis.com if you're still looking for ideas of things to make :)

  2. Thanks Erin!! I will have to check those out. I have a lot of doll clothes making to do from now to Christmas. :)

  3. I suggest keeping the Springfield doll's hair braided. It can get out of control really quickly. The AG dolls will be much better in that regard.

    If you don't want to struggle with making your own pattern for shoes, there are patterns available from the major pattern companies. One is McCalls 3469, which I have but haven't tried yet. I think there might be one out from Vogue now too. Watch for 99 cent sale at Jo Ann's. :) Happy sewing!

  4. Thank you Shari! Her hair did get a little messy, so it is braided now. :) I will keep my eye out for the pattern sale!

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