Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pom Pom Filled tutu

This is a few days late, but I have a sick daughter at home, so I haven't had time to post this. So finally, here is the tutorial!

I had some left over black tulle and was going to make a simple two later tutu for my daughter, but when I was at Target they had these pom poms in the dollar section. I bought them knowing I could use them for something. Then I went to make the tutu, and decided to add them in!

First thing you will need are the supplies:
Pom poms.
Elastic for waist.

Once you have all your supplies, it is time to get started! First thing, is get your measurements for the tutu. First is the waist. Take your daughters waist measurement and add about 12-15 extra inches to that. The more inches you add to the waist measurements, the fuller the tutu will look.For example, I will need 23 inches and I will add 12 to that. So I need to cut 35 inches.
Second, you will need the length measurement, then add two inches to that,  then multiply that by two. For example, if you want your tutu to be 8 inches long, you will add two inches for the casing, so that is 10 inches, now multiply by two to get 20 inches.
Now cut your piece. I will cut a 35x20 piece of tulle.
(these measurements are not the ones that I used, they are numbers just for example)

Next, cut your elastic wait band. I cut mine about an inch smaller than I needed since the elastic will stretch when worn. Now that you have all your material ready, get to sewing.

Take your two length sides. The ones that are 20 inches. Put those together to form a tube, and sew them together. (use thread that matches your tulle. I used white to show what I am doing. )

Now fold your tube in half lengthwise so that your sewn seam is now in the inside.

Now you can put your pom poms inside the tutu. This was fun for my little one to do.

Fold the open top of the tube down about two inches to and pin in place. This will create the casing for the elastic waist band.

Sew around the top of the fold (about 1-1.5 inches from the top to allow room for the elastic to fit). Make sure to leave a 1 inch opening. So do not sew all that way around. This is where we will insert the elastic.

Take a safety pin and pin one end of the elastic. Use this to help feed the elastic through the opening.

Once it is all the way through, sew the elastic ends together. Then sew the opening on the fold closed. And you are all done!

 I added a purple bow to mine. Just tie a bow and hand sew this on!Super easy and cute!
Now you can make these in any color with any color pom poms as well! They are fun to make for dress up, birthdays, and any holiday!

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