Thursday, October 6, 2011

How to - yarn balls

Here it is! A yarn ball. We only made three of them, and will make more soon. 

I did not take any pictures of how to make them, but it is pretty simple. 

First you need your supplies:
School Glue -  I used the white Elmers Glue with the orange top. 
Parchment paper

1) Mix your glue and water in a bowl. I dumped the entire glue bottle in the bowl, then filled it with water and dumped that in too. So I used a 1:1 ratio. The mixture should be of a house paint like consistency. 
2) take your yarn and put it into the glue mixture. I did not cut the yarn from my yarn roll, because I wasn't sure how much I needed. If I needed more yarn, I pulled more from my roll and put it in the glue mixture. 
3) wrap the yarn around your balloon. 
Once you are done wrapping the yarn, cut it from the roll and dip the end in the glue, then tuck it under a strand on your balloon. 
4) squeeze the balloon to get some excess glue off your yarn ball. 
6) repeat this for all your balloons. 

To dry your yarn balls out:
- There are two ways to do this. You can lay your yarn balls on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper to dry, or hang them over the cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. (To hang them, you will need to blow your balloons up, tie them off, then tie the yarn to the balloon, leaving a long tail for hanging. Then you can begin to wrap the balloon in the glued yarn. You can tie them onto a clothes hanger, and hang that on a kitchen cabinet knob (placing your cookie sheet directly under to catch any glue that falls.  

They will take a day or two to dry. Once they are dry, the should be pretty hard. You will need to pop the balloon. Make sure the yarn is completely dry before letting the air out of your balloon.

And you have it. Your yarn balls! It has been two days since we have wrapped ours, and two are still not dry.

I will make a tutorial on how to make these into Christmas ornaments soon... I know it can be hard to do without pictures, so I will try to make these with a photo tutorial soon! 

In the mean time, I am also trying to plan my daughter's third birthday. We have almost decided on a theme. So far the front runner is Mad Hatter Tea Party. I have so many ideas for this. Do any of you have any ideas for a great 3rd birthday theme? I would love to hear...

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Colorful yarn balls!

I was searching the Google images for party themes, and I came across this picture!

Since tomorrow is going to be a rainy day, you can bet the little one and I are going to try to make these. Maybe not as big. As soon as we get it, I will post a tutorial! Aren't they great! There are so many possibilities... birthday decorations, hanging in the corner of my daughter's room, in a bowl, or I might even try to make some kind of Christmas decorations with this.

I will be back for more on this.

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