Friday, February 17, 2012

Stuffed Horse, attempt 1!

Here is a stuffed horsed I made for my daughter. This was my first try using a pattern I made out of newspaper. There are a few things that I need to tweek before I make another one, but overall, I am very pleased. Next time I am going to add a tail, and a patch on the back to look like a saddle.  Maybe even some ears too. You can also add a horn if you want to make a unicorn. There are a lot that can be added on to this little guy! If any of you would like to make one, it is super easy!!I will have to add a tutorial soon.

It is a big hit with the munchkin! She just loves her horsey!

I am looking to make an elephant next!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Alice in Wonderland Dress Tutorial

Since I had some blue fabric left over from making the curtains from the baby shower, I decided to make the little one an Alice dress. It actually was pretty easy to do, even for an amateur sewer like myself! Here is what I did.

This is the finished dress with apron. 

 First you will need to cut out your pieces. You can make you own pieces by following the steps in the ruffle dress TUTORIAL. You may want to read this tutorial first for all the steps, since I will be running through these quickly. The only piece not included is the collar. That will be in the second tutorial on the Alice dress, along with the apron instructions. 

Also, I cut a V in the back of the bodice. I will attach a button for closure. I did this, so it will slip on over my daughter's head, and I didn't want to add a zipper or multiple buttons. :)

 Once you have your pieces cut, you will need to press the casings for the sleeves. Go ahead and fold it over once. 
 Then press with the iron. 

 Fold over again. You will only need to fold enough to fit your elastic band through. 

 Then press again. Do this to both sleeve pieces.
 This is what you should have. 
 Now sew your bodices pieces. Sew the front two pieces together, right sides together. Same for the back. 
Up close on where to sew. 

 Up close on where to sew.

For the next steps, you will need to sew your front and back pieces together, then add the sleeves. For these steps, view this tutorial. (Instead of repeating all the steps twice, it is easier for me to have you revert to the previous tutorial, since it is done exactly the same.)

 This next step, I didn't take a picture. Sorry! But it is for the skirt. I used 2 yards of the blue fabric. I cut the fabric to the length I wanted. I had the dress end mid calf on my daughter, so if you want it shorter, cut shorter, and cut longer for a longer dress. Once I had the length, I sewed the hem. Then moved on to make the ruffles. 

 You can use a ruffle foot, or use the longest stitch and do it by hand. I actually did mine by hand. It didn't take that long. So I sewed a stitch along the entire top. Here is a tutorial on how to ruffle by hand HERE.

 I pulled my thread to create the ruffles until I had the desired length. Fold your skirt in half, and match it up with the top to make sure it is not too short or long. If it is still longer, keep ruffling. If you ruffled too much, let some ruffles out. 
Once you have the length you need, tie the end so that you don't lose any ruffles. Pin the open side of your skirt together, and sew. You should have a complete skirt. 

 Take your skirt, and bodice, and pin them together. I put my skirt seam in the back. You will need to put the bodice inside the skirt, right sides together. Make sure to match your seam up in the back. Then sew all the way around. Once you have it sewn, finish the raw edges. 

 This is what you should have once you have sewn it together. 

 Then I made my collar pieces. This took me a few times to get the length of them just right. I used tracing paper to make the template, and had to make it longer each time. I finally got it to the right length. I will post this tutorial in a separate (part 2) tutorial. 

 I sewed around the collar, and the edges, leaving the inside open. I turned them right side out, and pressed them with an iron. 
 Then I pinned them to the collar of the dress. (Before pining, make sure to finish the collar edges. 

 Pin all the way around, then sew them on. 

 Here is what it looks like under the collar. 
 The finished collar. As you can see, the inside is not finished. I forgot to do so. So make sure you finish the collar edges before attaching. :)
 And here you have it. Your complete Alice dress. You can even add a sash to this and have your daughter wear it as a simple dress. 

Here is the apron. I made it our of the same front bodice piece. I took white fabric, cut two front bodice pieces, but made them smaller than the dress front piece. I sewed around the arm holes, and neck, leaving the neck strap part open. I inserted the elastic neck strap into the two openings, folded the edges inwards, and sewed it closed. 

 I then took a rectangle pieces for the bottom, hemmed it, ruffled the top, and attached it to the top apron piece. For the tie, I took white ribbon, heat sealed the edges, and sewed them onto the apron. 
This sounds confusing, I know! I will have a tutorial on how to make this, and the collar in part 2. I just don't have time to post it all now. :)

Oh, I almost forgot. I printed the Alice image off of Google. I printed it onto a fabric transfer sheet, then ironed it onto the apron. 

Happy Friday!!! I hope this isn't too confusing of a tutorial. I am writing it while my daughter is finishing her lunch, so I didn't have much time. :) 

Friday, February 3, 2012

Happy Firday!

When I do laundry, I always forget to check the pockets before I throw them in the washer/dryer. Luckily I haven't washed anything that I really needed, or something that would ruin the clothes. But every once in a while I do find some money! So now I have a change jar next to the washer and dryer. :) Every time I find any of this stuff I drop it in my jar. One day I might have enough to buy some... hmmm, maybe more laundry detergent?! the way I see it, is that I get paid to do my own laundry!

Nothing is better than finding money. Well, yes there is something better... finding CLEAN money!

Happy Friday! I sure am having a great Friday... as of 2:30am, I am a new auntie! I've been wanting to make a baby quilt for my little nephew for some time now, but I haven't found the time to do so.. and now that he decided to make his debut a few weeks early, I am really behind! Time to get sewing!!

Sunday, January 29, 2012


I transformed my plain tacks into something a little more fun. I used some scrap fabric and decorative flat glass rocks (I forget what they are called) to make these. I also made some with cute words. This is a fun and cheap way to jazz up your plain tacks and dress up your cork board!

They can be made for little next to nothing! I bought the tacks and glass rocks from the dollar store. The rocks are usually used to fill vases and other decorative containers. They are in the floral section of the store. I bought the clear ones. 

All you have to do is cut your scrap fabric to the size of the flat side of the rock, add some glue (any kind) and press the fabric to the rock. Then hot glue your tack to the flat side of the fabric covered rock. That's it! You can also print out names or words and do the same. The only thing I had to do different with the printed words, was cover the ink with a piece of clear tape, or else, my ink started to run when I added the glue.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Gone Fishin' Tutorial

We were at Target the other day, and the little one wanted a princess fishing pole. I did not want to buy her the pole, and have it sit in her room, never to be used. So I decided I was going to make her a fishing game she could play inside the house. This is what I came up with:

Her very own fishing game. I used some left over felt squares, paper clips, string, a magnet and a wooden dowel.

This is SO easy to make, and she has been having a blast with it since!

First you will need to get your material:
  1. Felt 
  2. Paper clips
  3. Wood dowel
  4. Magnet
  5. String or embroidery floss and needle.
  6. glue gun
  7. Fish outline

Once you have your material, take your first felt piece, fold it in half...

Lay your fish outline on your felt piece, pin, and cut it out.

You should have two pieces. Keep them laying on each other as is.

Take your floss, and tie one end. Thread the other through your needle.

Start at the mouth of the fish. From the inside, push your needle through.

 Your knot should now be in between the fish.

Now stitch it back down, through both layers.

It should look like this. Now repeat the stitching all the way around the fish. This will hold the two fish together. 

Your fish will look like this on both sides.

Once you get close to the end, leave a gap, to fill the fish with cotton, and to insert the paper clips.

Here is your opening.
 Now take your two paper clips. 

Add one to each side of the fish, as shown.

Now, stitch the rest of the way around the fish. When you get to the clips, make sure to go through them. That way you secure them in place, and they wont slip down into the tail of the fish. Then tie off the string.

Here is your finished fish, with the filling and paper clips all secured in place. Now repeat this with as many colors as you would like. 

Now for the fishing pole:
Take your wooden dowel or stick, a string cut at your desired length, one paper clip, and your magnet.

Tie one one end of your string to the end of the pole. Make sure to double knot. 

Take your paper clip, and add a very small amount of glue to the smaller end. make sure it is a small amount of glue, when we press it to the magnet, we don't want the glue to completely cover the magnet. (You can also skip this step since the magnet will attach to the paper clip, but you will have to be careful not to lose the magnet. So i decided to glue mine.

Now press it to your magnet.

Tie the other end of the string to the paper clip, as shown. make sure to double knot.
There you have it! You are all done, now it is time to play!

And that is it! Now you have your fish, and your pole. The magnet should attach to the paper clips inside the fish!

You can always glue your magnet directly to the string, or dress your pole up. But the concept is the same. My daughter loves it, even if it isn't the pink pole from Target! I used everything I had around the house, so I didn't spend anything on this game! And that is the best part!

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