Friday, January 13, 2012

Craft Room Cozies

This is something that I have wanted to share. In my craft room, I have crochet cozies on a lot of my jars and candles. They are so easy to make, and I usually change the colors depending on the month or holiday.

 Here are three of the ones I have. They add some character to my plain jars!

I have one on my candle, and only light it when I am in the room. I do not leave this candle lit unattended. 


(This mason jar still has the Halloween cozy. I am a little late on updating. One of these days I will get to making a Valentine's Day one!) 

 These are easy to make. Any size hook will do. I chained the amount I needed for each jar. Once I had the desired length, I chained two, turned and double crochet in the rest. Once you get to the end, chain two, turn, and double crochet to the end. Repeat this until you get the desired height you need. Tie the end off. Then take your yarn needle and sew the two end together to create your cozy!

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