Friday, February 3, 2012

Happy Firday!

When I do laundry, I always forget to check the pockets before I throw them in the washer/dryer. Luckily I haven't washed anything that I really needed, or something that would ruin the clothes. But every once in a while I do find some money! So now I have a change jar next to the washer and dryer. :) Every time I find any of this stuff I drop it in my jar. One day I might have enough to buy some... hmmm, maybe more laundry detergent?! the way I see it, is that I get paid to do my own laundry!

Nothing is better than finding money. Well, yes there is something better... finding CLEAN money!

Happy Friday! I sure am having a great Friday... as of 2:30am, I am a new auntie! I've been wanting to make a baby quilt for my little nephew for some time now, but I haven't found the time to do so.. and now that he decided to make his debut a few weeks early, I am really behind! Time to get sewing!!

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