Monday, May 7, 2018

Potterybarn look-a-like couches

New couches! 

I really wanted these couches from Potterybarn, but they come with a price tag that doesn't fit our budget, so I found these amazing dupe couches from Macy's! 

(Potterybarn Buchanan Roll Arm Upholstered Sofa vs Macy's Astra sofa)

The sofa from Potterybarn is 93.5 inches, while the sofa from Macy's is 91 inches. We have had them for about a month now and love them so much! Wait for them to go on sale, and you can get the sofa for $629. They constantly go on and off sale, so just keep checking when they are regular priced. I watched them and it seemed like they went on sale on the weekends! 
The Astra couches are at a price that we can love too. Now all I need are some pillows! 

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