Thursday, May 10, 2018

Restoration Hardware Dupe Chandelier

As soon as we moved into our home, I knew we would need to replace all the original light fixtures. They were all brass and very outdated. Since we are working with a budget, I had to be smart with how much I was going to spend on each light. 

The hunt was on, and of course the light I loved the most was a Restoration Hardware fixture. 


Price: $1,895

I ended up finding a fixture that looks very similar for the fraction of the cost! 

Gallery Lighting | 19th Rococo Iron & Crystal Chandelier

This fixture is mady by Gallery Lighting and sold on Overstock, Wayfair and a few other sites. We ended up buying ours from Overstock and we used a coupon to get the light for just over $500, shipped! 

It is not an exact replica, but it looks very similar and is beautiful! Especially for the price. 

One difference is the size. This one is 31 inches, while the RH light is 33 inches. This also has cheaper connectors than the RH one:

 It also is black and not that deep bronze color that you see on the RH light. This worked perfect for us, since we have black accents around the house.

The Gallery Lighting light will need to be put together and wired. All the crystals will need to be hung, and it looks intimidating, but it was really easy fr me to put it together. You can also have your electrician put it together if you don't want to mess with it. 

I am so happy with how it looks and even with the difference from the RH light I would buy it again in a heartbeat! 

 Image to pin and save for later

 Don't they look similar?! I think so. I bought the bulbs off Amazon, and we were all set! 

 Next we need to have our walls painted and a few other things... but for now, we got rid of that outdated fixture for a price that I can live with! 

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