Thursday, February 21, 2019

Affordable and large neutral rug!

Are you looking for an affordable neutral rug? Look no further..

We had been on the hunt for a rug that matched our room and didn't break the bank. It's so hard to buy online, since I like to look and feel the rug, but this one had great reviews, the colors we wanted and all at a price that was affordable. 

Shipping was quick and it was packaged so well. As soon as I got it inside, I unpackaged it and rolled it out. It took very little time for the wrinkles to flatten out, and I am so happy with how it looks!

It was on sale for $162. What a great deal!

The colors are so good, if you are looking for a cream/gray carpet.

It is surprisingly soft under the feet for the price. 

Also loving the distressed look that it has.

 At first we were looking for a rug that had some blues in it, but we decided to go with something a bit more neutral, so that we can mix up our pillows and accent pieces, without having to change out the rug. This will work for all seasons and colors we decide to accent with. 

I have another smaller foyer rug that will be coming tomorrow. That one was less than $20! Be sure to check back next week on how that rug works out. 

Thanks for stopping by! Make sure to find me on Instagram @ onesimplebliss for more pictures. 


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